Conju soap

Olá pessoal td bem
Hoje venho falar desse sabonete maravilhoso , na verdade eh uma linha completa conju ,mas eu so usei o sabonete q mudou completamente a minha pele so com o sabonete ,agora imagina usar a linha toda né
Então pessoal este sabonete Conju eh da coreia, usado muito pelas atrizes coreanas 
Agora aqui pra nós, as atrizes coreanas tem a pele perfeita né  

Então pessoal como já deu a dica 
Eh usado apenas as espuma pra limpar perfeitamente a nossa pele 

Espero muito q vocês gostem

There’s just something special about Conju Princess Soap. After a rough initial start, it has dutifully earned a uncommonly steady presence in my skin care routine for over a year (a record). Truth be known, if it weren’t for my insatiable curiosity about other products, I would easily cease the search and declare this Queen.
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Stripped of any glorious packaging, once you open the clean & simple box, it really is just a white bar of soap. Still, even in its simplicity, the contoured oval shape makes it easy to lather from the first use – a brilliant detail. Following the relatively simple directions for use (see Recommended Application below), Conju Princess Soap develops into a rich, marshmallow like foam that would rival any luxury cleansing foam. There is no harsh fragrance (I would say its nearly scent free – but certainly void of any added fragrance), no parabens and a very simple coconut base with 11 herbs and plants.
This is NOT a makeup remover. Since I firmly and emphatically believe that makeup removal deserves its own step on most occasions, this does not lessen my opinion of Conju. Also, because this product contains Bamboo Salt (which is effective at killing facial bacteria) if it gets directly into your eyes, it will sting – so use on the immediate eye area is strongly discouraged. The Bamboo Salt also may cause you to feel a mild tingle on your skin, but should not be uncomfortable.
After a period of two weeks (I find these results occur every time I go back to using Conju after trying a new product) skin will have a fresh, smooth and refined appearance. Pores are less noticeable, skin feels tighter and more firm, breakouts are minimized – if not eliminated. If you have clogged pores, blackheads or are prone to acne, there will likely be a short period of purging. You shouldn’t see new breakouts – but rather have small pimples where you have the most problems. If you have chronic acne, please consult with your dermatologist. There may also be a mild sloughing of dead skin – a gentle exfoliator or continued use of Conju will cure that rather quickly. Once your skin adjust (normally less than a week) you will continue to see your skin improve regardless of the other products you are using.

the ORIGINAL REVIEW Conju Princess Soap is a Korean made soap containing Asian herbs that purify and exfoliate skin. I stumbled across this fairly unknown bar of facial soap on one of many shopping expeditions to Ala Moana Shopping Center, here in lovely Honolulu, Hawaii. The shop I found it in, Shirokiya, is a Japanese goods store. I have not found anywhere online that sells it. If you would like one, email me and I can send one to you for $35 (to cover soap, shipping, fees).
I purchased a starter set that had the soap, BB cream and skin activator (serum). After using the three products for a week I went and purchased full sizes. While continuing to use the series, I started to develop a rash and flaky skin. I persisted. Two weeks later I gave up – but my Mom, who has the most sensitive skin EVER really liked the soap. I returned the BB cream and skin activator since I didn’t open the full sizes but kept the soap for my Mom.
Months later, I started using the soap consistently because my Mom’s skin looked great. After an initial purging (but it was just clogged pores that I could feel under the skin previously – so I was happy) and sloughing, my skin was rash-free with no blemishes. Using it bi-weekly with my fabulous Clarisonic Mia also keeps my pores clear and tight. I’m no princess, but I’ll always keep a couple bars around.
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